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Give Up Robot 2

GiveUprobot2Give Up Robot 2 is a flash game for those who love solving puzzles and searching opportunities to find a way out. In fact, this is the second version of the popular flash game about a robot who is traveling through different places which are full of obstacles. The graphics of the game is not smooth,I have seen a lot of other games with better graphics but don’t think that this game is not interesting. Give up robot 2 is very addictive and offers a lot of really interesting puzzles to solve. In this game everything depends on your reaction skills. The main character of the game is a small robot who has to reach the finish line and not fall down. Our robot has an interesting skill – he uses hook like spiderman uses web to jump from one place to another. This skill will be very useful for you.

Give Up Robot 2 Controls
[Arrow Buttons] - use them to run and jump.
[Z] - use your hook. Don't forget to hold it until needed. While holding use arrow buttons to change the length of hook.

In Give up robot 2, there are no levels. There are small stages which you must pass to move to the next one. On your way try to collect all coins to get higher score. You should also remember that the key to success is to make wise decisions in the right time. Try to use all the tools to succeed, for example in some levels you may even use your hook to change the direction of rocket and so on. Give Up Robot 2 is a game that you open just to find out how shitty it is and after a few hours realize that you fell in love with the game. Hope that you will enjoy the Give Up Robot 2 at our website.